Welcome to the very complicated and challenging Japanese consumer product market and surrounding governmental regulations.

We understand your concern - many companies may be contemplating market entry or perhaps many have already entered into the Japanese market, but most of them are frustrated by a lack of progress. In either case, you probably don't know exactly what you are doing wrong or should be doing in Japan.

Opinions abound, and in the meantime your senior management and R&D Department at the head office (some of them may understand little about today's Japan) are growing impatient.

AMC is a relatively small company but has a 19 years history of experience in these matters. We will make every possible effort to get you one step closer to the reality of Japan's rapidly evolving distribution system, product development, and regulations with particular reference to cosmetics, supplements, drugs and environmental quality products.

We hope that our involvement can at least help cut some of the uncertainties you may otherwise encounter in bringing your brand to Japan.

Yes, the market and product registration processes are difficult and challenging but the market is also large and rewarding, if you do things right.

We sincerely hope you will find that our support will not only enhance your understanding of the Japanese market and technical/regulatory expertise, but it may also be an interesting and stimulating experience.

Tetsuya Abe
Chairman & CEO
Able Management Consulting, Inc.
AMC : Able Management Consulting, Inc.

AMC's philosophy is to respect good people who come in contact with us and support them to our mutual benefit with 100% credibility.

AMC can help with supporting:

  1. Sales & marketing/technical services based on requirements pertinent to you and your products including market research.
  2. Registration of your products at local governments and MHLW (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) following new regulations amended effective April 1, 2005.
  3. Evaluation and reformulation of your products to meet Japanese requirements.
  4. Development of cosmetic/supplement formulations and manufacturing.
  5. Determination of manufacturing location and a warehousing site for your products.
  6. Importation of your products into Japan and exportation of Japanese products into your local market through our brother & sister companies.
  7. Setting up your company in Japan.
  8. Clinical/safety testing working with outside institutes.

AMC stands in building business in Japan for its principals with following distinctive competences:

  1. AMC understands how to arrange and manage the complex distribution system for the successful penetration into the Japanese market.
  2. AMC understands how to interface with Japanese customers and how to interpret and direct our principal's requirements in the marketing of their products and services in Japan.
  3. AMC understands how to import and register the consumer products to meet Japanese requirements.
  4. AMC has enough technical expertise to handle marketing/technical requirements from outside your countries.
  5. AMC has close contact with governmental agencies and industrial associations, and also the bank and post office for money transfers outside the country.


  • For those who plan to sell the original skin care and hair care products
  • For those who plan to sell the original cosmetic soap and body care product
  • For those who plan to sell the original aroma oil
  • For those who plan to sell cosmetics using the unique ingrediens of Okinawa


  • For those who plan to sell unique supplements
  • For those who plan to sell supplements using the natural resources of Okinawa
  • For those who plan to import foreign supplements


  • For those who are looking for formula development
  • For those who are looking for regulatory experts
  • For those who plan to conduct clinical test in Okinawa


  • Bar Soap with Collagen, Tempe and Kucha
  • Facial Cleanser, Beauty Fluid and Facial Pack with Kucha
  • Anti-wrinkle Gel with Kucha
  • After Sun Gel for soothing of sunburns with 12 kinds of plant extracts
  • Aroma Oil and Perfume Cologne from Okinawa flowers
  • Seaweed extract for diet
  • Organic turmeric tablet
  • Kuwanso tea for a sleeping aid