About Us

Medicos International, Inc. was established in 1989. In 1990 we began importing cosmetics, toiletries, supplements and medical devices from countries outside Japan. Since then, we have received requests from the EU, USA, Australia, Belgium, Israel, and several Asian countries to secure approval from the Japanese government to modify the formulations to meet strict Japanese requirements. We have also developed some unique product requests from cosmetics and supplement companies.

Recently, developed unique cosmetics and supplements using specific ingredients found in Okinawa. These products have been received with great satisfaction from our customers.

Typical products from Okinawa include aroma oils and skin care products incorporating Kucha, which is a fine powder from the southern portion of Okinawa. Also a clear gel for treating sunburn, turmeric supplements and Kuwanso tea used for a sleeping aid.

We will continue to develop these unique cosmetics and supplements from the island of Okinawa. Our company's policy is to respect and promote the local people and ecology of Okinawa.


・Plan to develop bath salt with Ryukyu aroma oils

・Plan to develop very unique bar soap

・Developed Anti-wrinkle gel with Kucha (Marine silt)

Okinawa Fragrance〜Ijyu Perfume Cologne〜
Ryukyu (Okinawa) Frangrance-Ijyu Perfume Cologne provides a nostalgic remembrance to a youthful era.
"Ijyu" blooms with a white flower during the month of May through June in the middle to northern section (Yanbaru) of Okinawa Island.
We have developed such an elegant fragrance matching the Ijyu flower exactly.
It's smell complements the Japanese Kimono.



  • For those who plan to sell the original skin care and hair care products
  • For those who plan to sell the original cosmetic soap and body care product
  • For those who plan to sell the original aroma oil
  • For those who plan to sell cosmetics using the unique ingrediens of Okinawa


  • For those who plan to sell unique supplements
  • For those who plan to sell supplements using the natural resources of Okinawa
  • For those who plan to import foreign supplements


  • For those who are looking for formula development
  • For those who are looking for regulatory experts
  • For those who plan to conduct clinical test in Okinawa


  • Bar Soap with Collagen, Tempe and Kucha
  • Facial Cleanser, Beauty Fluid and Facial Pack with Kucha
  • Anti-wrinkle Gel with Kucha
  • After Sun Gel for soothing of sunburns with 12 kinds of plant extracts
  • Aroma Oil and Perfume Cologne from Okinawa flowers
  • Seaweed extract for diet
  • Organic turmeric tablet
  • Kuwanso tea for a sleeping aid